Teamwork Ladder (March 2012)

8 Steps to MAXIMIZE Success For You and Your Organization 

Learn the 8 most powerful and essential time-tested principles you must master  to reach the highest pinnacles of success and catapult to new heights of job satisfaction and success. 

PRESENTER: William J. Nippard, Author and RDH

DATE: March 31, 2012

TIME: 9:00am - 4:00pm

LOCATION: to be announced (St. John’s area)

COST: $100 (price includes copy of book)

POINTS: 6 points, Category 2

Please RSVP to by March 16, 2012. Send cheques to NLDHA at P.O. Box 28048 St. John's NL A1B 4J8

All proceeds go towards Live Different, providing shelter to homeless families in developing countries


· Understand the 8 most important principles of working with others to achieve off-the-charts productivity and job fulfillment

· Be enlightened on the secrets of working with others to achieve extraordinary levels of job satisfaction

· Learn how to effortlessly create staff harmony and unity in all relationships

· Learn how to effectively become a person of influence so you achieve what you specifically desire

· Learn the specific order that these principles must be mastered before personal and professional dreams can become reality

· Learn how to build your own ladder, capable of bringing you to higher levels of personal and professional success and fulfillment

· Through application assignments and various self-tests along the way, gain an understanding of your current position and your present level of mastery for each principle

· Possess practical tools necessary to optimally work with people for maximum, mutual success and contentment; 

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